Where did the name Luc&Lou come from?? Lucy and Louie are here to to tell you the tale (no pun intended).


What is Luc&Lou? Who are Luc&Lou?? What does it mean? Where did the name come from? Our moms get these questions and so many similar ones every single day!  So here is the truth from the source…

The story behind the Luc&Lou name is pretty silly, but at the same time very meaningful. Originally our mommy’s had a completely different name for the company, one they had thought very long and hard about and were so excited to share.  But apparently they were not the only ones who loved the name and it was DE-NIED. (Which if they had asked us beforehand we would have told them it was not very clever anyways.)

As a result, they were forced back to the drawing board.  As two little yorkie pups Louie and I were very rambunctious the day our mom’s had to think of a new name for the company.  We were just acting like our usual selves, barking (yapping as they call it) and playing around.  They were in the worst mood!  Then something very strange happened.  After yelling at us 1000 times they started jumping up and down saying “That’s it! That’s it!”

Then all of a sudden it clicked– Luc&Lou.  By combining our two nicknames with the addition of “one for me and one for you” our humans had come up with the perfect name!

You’re welcome moms.


    Lucy & Louie



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