Luc&Lou partners with R Baby Foundation during the month of May to celebrate Moms!


During the month of May, Luc&Lou partners with R Baby Foundation to celebrate Moms and help babies!

We were so touched by a very special woman, her inspiring story, and her mission to save as many babies’ lives as possible.

For every onesie purchased during the month of May, Luc&Lou will donate a onesie to R Baby Foundation to share with babies in need and every onesie will include R Baby’s Parent Education Card!

R Baby Foundation is the first and only not-for-profit foundation uniquely focused on saving babies lives through improving pediatric emergency care. Phyllis & Andrew Rabinowitz gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Rebecca July 13, 2006. Rebecca arrived about 4 weeks early. She was released from the NICU 5 days later, supposedly a perfect healthy baby girl. The next day, Rebecca was severely congested with thick mucus, continuing her slow feedings, and had difficulty breathing. They took her to the pediatrician and the hospital emergency room during each of the following days we had her. Doctors diagnosed her symptoms as a common cold, and she was repeatedly sent home. Unfortunately, Rebecca passed away on the morning of July 21.They later found out Rebecca was sick and had enterovirus, which can be life-threatening in babies if not properly and rapidly diagnosed.

“Had her symptoms been treated, she would probably still be here today. Almost immediately after losing Rebecca, we created R Baby Foundation to prevent other tragedies from happening. We were shocked to learn most emergency rooms aren’t prepared for children.  And that children are not mini-adults.   Babies and children need specialized healthcare to be properly diagnosed and treated.  We are dedicated to improving pediatric emergency care for all of our children by funding innovative training programs, education, research, advocacy and life-saving equipment. Our programs are impacting the care of over 1 Million children a year in the U.S and abroad.  We are grateful for all the support we’ve received for R Baby’s work and to Luc & Lou for this generous opportunity.” –Phyllis Rabinowitz

Read more about R Baby Foundation, an incredible woman, mother, and hero Phyllis Rabinowitz, and help spread love & awareness

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