Do What You Love & You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life….


“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. YEAH RIGHT! We have all heard this. Most likely one too many times from someone who you know secretly loathes what they do and won’t admit it! Work is work, no matter how much you love (or pretend to love) what you do. I have been a nurse for 3 and a half years now. Yes, I love what I do. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else, but I also cannot pretend that my job is all rainbows and sunshine. There are plenty of days that I absolutely HATE, yes HATE, what I do. Lets be serious, what sane person “loves” working night shift (7pm-7am) That is the middle of the night. You belong in bed. Even day day shift (7am-7pm). That 6am alarm clock goes off and I cannot hit snooze fast enough!


                                                               Kelly, Crisit, Amanda, & Kelly

I do not want to sound like a complainer, because I am not at all. I am truly blessed to have a job, a job that (most days) I love. I know many of you can relate–nurse or not to a days that go something like this….

”Do not speak to me, I have not had my coffee yet…or- maybe that 3rd cup of coffee was not such a good idea! My assignment is what? We are how many nurses short? 5 admissions and 3 teams to the operating room NOW–all at the same time! I have not had water in 12 hours, I ate crackers for breakfast-7 hours ago, I may pass out! All of my IVs are out, at the same time. Someone shut that alarm up, someone please make that baby stop crying! It is very noisy in here! You want me to do what? Right now?! I definitely do not get paid enough to do this!”


                                            Co-Founder Kelly Meyer on “one of those days”

I know I can speak for Amanda, Kelly, and Cristi when I say all of this! But after a day like that all it takes is one look at a tiny preemie that was once no bigger than your hand in the stroller getting ready to go home, staying much later than your shift to see a baby beat every odd stacked against him–take a breath on his own, a good cuddle from that chunky meatball baby who finally learned how to eat, a hug from that forever grateful mother—and you lose it…it is nearly impossible to control the smiles and tears of joy! Even somedays when the tears are shed with families who have lost a little angel entirely too soon. It is moments like those that make us truly LOVE our job! We love our day jobs so much that we continue to work to help as many amazing babies as we can, even on our days off!

             IMG_1668                                IMG_1672


                             Little Miss Kylee, one of our baby founders–and true inspiration! 

At Luc&Lou we complain, we get frustrated, we get angry, we laugh, we learn- all because we absolutely love what we are doing. It is 110% normal to complain, to have bad days, to be stressed–it means you are working-VERY hard!! And frankly, all those people who “love what they do” soooo much…are a little bit weird in my book(and probably are not doing much work at all)! What seems more appropriate for any job–especially the ones that people “love” is…“anything in life worth having, is worth working for”. We all have those bad days, it just takes a minute to step back and realize, that no matter what, we make a difference and all of the hard work is totally worth it! 


                                            one of our favorite movies to reference 😉

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